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The streaming gigs list

This website has been set up as a voluntary, non-profit effort to keep everyone informed about streaming gigs as they happen.
You can see the gigs calendar here and click through to info and links to the streamed content.

Post your streaming gigs

Musicians & Comedians. Let the internet know about your streaming gigs or events by visiting our submit gigs form.
So, if you post it 24 hours or more before the gig goes live we will ensure that it gets listed by the morning of the gig.

Share the hell out of us.

Currently there are plenty of facebook and other social media groups out there that share streaming gigs information.
Share this page and we can ensure that everyone knows where to go for a comprehensive list.

Big Thanks to Live Streaming Events Group

This page was inspired by the efforts of the admin of the Facebook Live Streaming Events Group, Paul Philips.
Paul is working round the clock to keep this group’s info updated on his calendar. Full respect.